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SYNDi Loan Manager
SYNDi Loan Manager processes all types of loans including mortgages, employee loans, customer financing and syndicated loans. Whether you have interest-free loans, interest-only loans or amortized loans with reducing balance, SYNDi handles them all.
Compatible With: Sage 300 ERP [Accpac], Versions 5.4 , 5.5 , 5.6 , 6.0 , 6.1 , 2014
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Professional $5,000
Premium $6,100

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SYNDi Professional Edition

This version of SYNDi Loan Managerservices loans offered by a single lender. It is typically used by financeand leasing companies, credit unions and private lenders.

A loan is set up loans,and funded, loan installment calculated and monthly payments from borrowers entered until the loan is paid off. The system generates reports, tracks missed payments, processes returned checks, and creates journl entries to be exported to your accounting system. SYNDi Professional may be used as a stand-alone application or integrated with Sage 300 ERP (Accpac). You may also link mortgage loans to real-estate properties and calculate Loan-To-Value Ratios.

SYNDi Premium Edition

contains all features offered by SYNDi Professional in addition to the provision of multiple lender and syndicated mortgage loans. You may set up loans funded by multiple investors, collect installment from borrowers and distribute them to investors. It is the full-blown version of SYNDi packed with features necessary to manage full loan processing cycle. If you are a broker with multiple borrowers and lenders you will need SYNDi Premium Edition 

General Features
  1. Parameter-driven to customize the application to suit your requirements.
  2. Interest-only loans or blended payments.
  3. Can process interest-free loans.
  4. Can be used as standalone or integrated with Sage 300 ERP.
  5. Pop-up reminders can be set up to alert the user to take proper actions.
  6. Processing of term loans with interest payable either at the beginning or the end of the term.
  7. Maintenance of a Document Catalog for each loan for quick access.
  8. Provision of lump sum payments.
  9. Lawyers handling multiple brokerage accounts can set up a separate database for each client.
  10. Setting up different interest rates for borrower and lenders.
  11. Interest rates can be fixed or variable (based on prime).
  12. Maintenance of collateral or real-estate profile to calculate Loan-To-Value (LTV) Ratios.
  13. Calculation of bonus interest as penalty in case of early discharge.
  14. Amortization Tables based on loan profile.
  15. Payment frequency can be weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual.
  16. Interest can be simple or compounded.
  17. Calculation of federal and state / provincial taxes on management fee.
  18. Withholding of non-resident tax from interest payments to foreign investors.
  19. Printing checks.
  20. Ability to define unlimited number of optional fields in borrower, investor and loan records to customize the program for individual requirements.
  21. Renegotiation of terms during the life of a loan.
  22. Provision for investors to withdraw and be replaced by new investors during the term of a loan.
  23. Calculation of NSF charges on returned borrower checks.
  24. Generation of detailed or consolidated entries for General Ledger.
  25. User-friendly inquiry and data-entry screens.
  26. Prepare annual T5 slips for investors and upload to CRA.
  27. Intuitive data-entry procedures.
  28. Built-in reports and inquiries.
  29. Access to data by standard report-writing tools such as Crystal Reports to generate customized reports.
  30. U.S. and Canadian interest calculation algorithms; 
  31. Choice of four methods of calculating interest; 
  32. Option to use Microsoft Access or SQL Server as the database.

Product ID: 2375-1050

Industries: Banks & Credit Unions, Investment, Securities, & Holding Companies, Foundations, Public & Societal Benefits, Religious Related Organizations

Business Needs: Fund Management, Grant Management