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AR-1138 Sales Tax Reduced by Discounts in Cash Receipts
This Extended Solution replacement allows you to reduce the amount of Sales Tax owed on an invoice when a Terms discount is applied during Cash Receipts Entry.  
Compatible With: Sage 100 ERP [MAS 90 and 200], Versions 4.3 , 4.4
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Price $895
Maintenance $535

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This Extended Solution replacement to the Accounts Receivable module adds a Discount field to the AR Sales Tax file. When an Invoice has a terms discount applied to it in Cash Receipts, Cash Receipt Journal update writes a record to this field. This record will be for calculated reduction of the sales tax.
Product ID: M9-AR-1138

Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Sales Tax Calculation/Integration, Sales Tax Calculation/Integration, Productivity Tools