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E2B Teknologies - Forecast Modeling
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Statistical Calculations, Replacement Items, and Forecast Templates for Demand Planning
Compatible With: Sage 500 ERP [MAS 500], Versions 7.0 , 7.05 , 7.2
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High End $12,000

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Accurate demand forecasts are essential for distributors and manufacturers who need to determine which products to buy or make and how many to keep on hand in order to avoid stock-outs and lost sales while minimizing carrying costs and financial exposure due to high inventory levels. Further, it helps manufacturers maximize labor and machine utilization while minimizing overtime and machine setup and tear down. It is very likely that you have Excel on your computer—it‘s a great product, but it’s not designed for forecasting. Spreadsheet forecasting almost always relies on simple, ad-hoc formulas built into large, unwieldy, complex spreadsheets. This creates a forecasting process that is prone to unintentional human error and is difficult—if not impossible—to maintain as the business and its forecasting staff changes. By implementing Forecast Modeling, you get an affordable, integrated solution which can dramatically improve your forecasting and formalize your forecasting process. You don’t have to be an expert in statistics to create accurate demand forecasts. Forecast Modeling comes with ForecastPro Unlimited from Business Forecast Systems. ForecastPro is seamlessly integrated with Forecast Modeling to automatically select the most appropriate statistical forecasting model for each item based on the item’s sales history. Forecast Modeling includes a start date so that you can define a specific date to begin calculating demand forecasts for new items. This is especially useful when launching new products. A forecast template is available for items that have no sales history. Templates can be used for a specified period of time until there is enough sales history to generate future demand forecasts. An end date may be defined for phasedout items so that you no longer generate demand forecasts. You may also define a replacement item. The original item will be phased-out and replaced by another item that will inherit its sales history which is used for future, statistical demand calculations. Built-in business intelligence views allow you to quickly view and analyze statistical forecasts with capabilities to perform rough-cut financial forecasting and cash flow projections based on standard item prices and costs.
Industries: Building Materials Supply & Service, Commercial & Industrial Contracting, Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Project/Job Control