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CRM Systems: AR Invoicing
Powerful extension to Sage CRM allows you to use CRM not only as a customer relationship management solution, but as complete, accounting integrated order processing and inquiry solution – direct to Sage Accpac ERP AR!
Compatible With: Sage CRM, Versions 5.8 , 6.0 , 6.1
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A CRM AR Invoicing integrated Sage CRM system is unrivaled in the mid-market CRM marketplace. This powerful tool dramatically improves upon the native integration between CRM and Sage ACCPAC ERP, and allows you to provide invoicing and inquiry capabilities to a wide audience within your client's organization at a fraction of the cost of comparable order entry solutions. Better yet, you can tailor the user's experience, streamlining the invoicing and enforcing your business rules. It doesn't get much better than this.

  • 100% Browser based (non ACTIVE-X)
  • Fully compatible with ERP Connect, allowing you the ability to interact with and process orders into multiple Sage Accpac ERP databses, simultaneously, completely transparent to the end user!
  • Fast load / display times, no software or objects to install
  • Customizable. Screens, fields, buttons can be adjusted
  • Workflow enabled. 100% driven by workflow. Extendable as desired.
  • Create and maintain quotes with separate quote numbering.
  • View detailed item sales history by customer.
  • Full integration to Sage Accpac ERP AR Module
  • Full integration to Sage Accpac CRM Library for filing of documents such as invoices, order confirmations, etc
  • Email and print capabilities for documents direct from order entry
  • Extensive order entry screen and workflow customization capabilities using standard CRM techniques and technologies
  • Integrated Electronic Credit Card processing using one of several different payment gateways. Available integration to other gateways on request.
  • Print standard quotes, order confirmations, invoices, picking slips, credit notes and shipping labels, or design your own forms and labels using the built-in report writer. Generate and print document without using Crystal Reports or any other software.

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