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Anytime 500 Distribution Bundle
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Dozens of product enhancements for Sage ERP MAS 500 Inventory Management, Purchasing, Sales Order, and Manufacturing. 
Compatible With: Sage 500 ERP [MAS 500], Versions 6.3 , 7.0 , 7.05 , 7.2 , 7.3 , 7.4
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Enhanced MRP

Enhanced MRP is a collection of more than a dozen enhancements to the standard Sage MAS 500 MRP application. These enhancements help planners manage MRP generations while streamlining the planning process. New features include a Demand Pegging Inquiry, Scheduled MRP Generation Utility, the ability to link MRP Versions together for planning, new Exception Messages, Password Protection, New Drill-Downs, and optional integration with our Sales Forecasting & MPS and Sub Work Order Enhancements.


Enhanced Labor Entry

Enhanced Labor Entry allows companies to dramatically improve data processing for labor entries. You may enter multiple labor transactions at one time in the new grid labor entry screen, post labor transactions in batches, and validate labor entries against user-defined rules to help prevent data entry errors.Batch Process Production Entry Many food and beverage manufacturers must choose between ERP systems developed for discrete versus process manufacturers. Sage MAS 500 is a very flexible system for mixed-mode manufacturers. A new Batch Process Production Entry screen has been developed which is similar to the Production Entry task in the Standard Sage MAS 500 application. However, instead of creating work orders on the fly by posting against the routing, Batch Process Production Entry allows companies to post multiple labor and/or material transactions against open work or batch orders from a single screen. This functionality is ideal for many food manufacturers who issue dozens of ingredients to a work or batch order at one time. Further, the data entry screen is also useful for manufacturers working in lean manufacturing environments since they can create work orders for planning but post production against these work orders after-the-fact from their production cells.


Work Order Splitting

Work order quantities and work in process can now be split to new work orders. For example, manufacturers may create a work order for 400 chairs. Production for these chairs continues through the fabrication phase. Managers may choose to split off 200 chairs to a new work order. Half of the quantities and work in process will be moved from the existing work order to the new work order.


Work Order Allocations

Work Order Allocations show which work orders can be released to production based on their required materials and current on-hand inventory quantities. Your shop floor workers will experience huge productivity gains as they will no longer have to wait for material and your management team will finally have a utility to help them synchronize material requirements with production schedules. In addition, this enhancement helps planners prioritize material allocations based on work order dates, priority codes, and other useful criteria.Sub Work Orders Sub work orders are created automatically when a flag is set on the routing to allow sub work orders. When an order is created from Work Order Creation, the system automatically generates the required component work orders and uses the sub work order numbering scheme to show the link. Further, sub work orders can be created at any level within a bill of material structure. When used in conjunction with the Enhanced MRP product, MRP will create Sub Work Orders for component items.Quick Purchase Orders Quick Purchase Orders are designed for Sage MAS 500 ERP users who have too many POs to create one-at-a-time through PO Entry and for users who don’t need to fully-automate the purchasing process using inventory replenishment or MRP. Users can adjust quantities and select which cost to use prior to generating new purchase orders. The Quick Purchase Order utility is accessible directly from the Inventory Inquiry and restricts suggested orders to items selected in the inquiry grid. Likewise, when launched from sales order entry, suggested orders are restricted only to items that appear on the selected sales order. Multi-line orders are created for items from the same vendor. In addition, order quantities can be defined to get you back to safety stock or max stock levels or you can choose to use the standard order quantity instead.

Enhanced Costing Sage MAS 500 manufacturing customers can now leverage several enhancements to effectively manage manufacturing costs. First, users can override a general ledger account segment to track costs and other accounting transactions by manufacturing department. Second, companies can track quantities and costs for specific work centers, such as heat treating, by alternative units of measure like pound, foot, etc. The standard MAS 500 work center rate is calculated by pieces per hour or hours per piece. In addition, you can override the standard cost for a routing. This is useful if you want to setup a generic item but you want to change the standard cost for specific routings. This is especially useful for managing costs for outside operations such as heat treating, plating, etc. since you can maintain a single item in inventory but manage costs at the routing level.

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Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: EDI - Electronic Data Interchange, Replenishment/MRP/DRP, EDI