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C&A Credit Card Processing
Our On-Line Credit Card Processor allows you to chose a sales order or an invoice and charge the customers credit card from your computer screen. The software will then post the credit card transaction as a payment to BusinessWorks for you.
Compatible With: Sage BusinessWorks Accounting, Versions v2009
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Our On-Line Credit Card Processor is the first On-Line Credit Card that captures the information amount owing from the sales order or invoice, searchs the sales order or invoice and the customer for credit card information and then, after your approval, process the credit card in real time and then posts the transaction to BusinessWorks. You will usually have an approval (or denial) with 10 to 15 seconds. No more standing over the black box, keying in numbers, making mistakes and etc.

Now you can sit at your desk and process credit card payments with both ease and accuracy. You can also proces a range of invoices and the C&A On-Line Credit Card Processor will search each invoice or customer for a valid credit card. Upon finding a valid credit card, the software will process the credit card and post the transaction to BusinesWorks. It will also print receipts and e-mail them to your customers if desired.

Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Credit Card Processing