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O2 Process Manufacturing
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O2 is a full featured, mixed mode module for process manufacturing written in the Sage 500 ERP toolset. From formulas to production, quality control, regulatory reporting and security, this is a complete system to manage your entire business.
Compatible With: Sage 500 ERP [MAS 500], Versions 7.05 , 7.2 , 7.3 , 7.4
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Process Manufacturing describes a manufacturing process whereby materials are blended, cooked or mixed as opposed to assembled from discrete units. Some needs common to process manufacturing industries are formulas (or recipes), split bills of material, flexibility with units of measure, stringent quality control with recall ability, as well as lot grading/attribute tracking and calculation.

O2 Process Manufacturing is a full featured process manufacturing module that does business the way process manufacturers do business. Written in the Sage 500 ERP toolset, O2 is engineered for seamless integration into the Sage 500 ERP. Because of this, O2 can take full advantage of the rich distribution, accounting, customizability and business analytics for which Sage 500 ERP is known.

O2 was designed by process manufacturing experts for process manufacturers. From customer specifications and formula engineering/costing to production, quality control, regulatory reporting and security, what we present to you is a complete system for managing your whole business cycle. O2 has the tools necessary to eliminate the "islands of data" that many companies find exist in formulation, quality control, planning and production departments, and to make the entire enterprise visible to those who are making daily critical decisions.
Industries: Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, Chemicals, Primary Metals, & Minerals

Business Needs: Inventory Control, GPS Tracking, Multi-Company Processing, Project/Job Scheduling