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  • Hogan Data
  • In business since 1995
  • 12701 West Ave 128
  • San Antonio, Texas 78216 US
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Hogan Data is a leading certified consultant with Act!. We have created custom software solutions, DataPlus and more, taking Act! to a higher level by integrating Act! with almost any of your company applications.

Your Solution

  • At Hogan Data we are dedicated to assisting you make your software experience stream lined, and provide a one stop solution for your day to day operation.
  • Most software purchases are based on need, user experiences and scalability. Questions that are asked are: “How easy is it for my team to use the software?” – “How easy it is for me implement the software?”  Hogan Data provides the answer.
  • Companies' software purchases are driven for Accounting, Sales, Service, and Marketing. Hogan Data provides a solution to bring your software together, sharing data and providing a means to look at your whole company in one place.

Solution - Integration: DataPlus.Think of DataPlus as being an engine in the background, that ties all your software data together and presents your company information in one place.

  • Make better business decisions: DataPlus displays your data allowing you to make smart business decisions based on all your data represented together in one place. Data mining for Prospects, Customers, Vendors, Personnel, and Service information brings your company's performance to life on your screen, showing what decisions need to be made.
  • Identify your business needs: DataPlus assists in making better business decisions and understanding your business needs. Importantly, Hogan data understands your business data is an integral part of that.
  • Your business applications: Accounting/ERP, Office Suite, e-commerce, Customer Relationship Management. All are very important to your business needs.

Solution - Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Act! provides companies with a clean, well-designed application that serves as a fantastic contact manager and a marketing tool. Features and tools are easy to use and simple to use as any CRM software on the market.

DataPlus + Act! + Your business applications = Your total software integration solution.

Scalability: DataPlus is scalable in design and can easily grow with your business. Scalability is very important for business because of dynamic growth.Business Intelligence.

Hogan Data is committed to helping you achieve your business intelligence and data goals. Hogan Data will work with you to achieve the maximum ROI from DataPlus.


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